Marvel Unlimited Prepares Readers For King In Black With Free Venom And Carnage

by Tony Thornley

There’s no denying that Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman’s Venom has changed the character forever. And now readers can catch up on the most critical chapters of that journey before King In Black, the next chapter in the saga, begins for free!

From now until December 14th, Marvel Unlimited is offering the first five issues of Venom and the first two of Absolute Carnage absolutely free. That means no cost, no subscription to the service required. Readers just need to download the Marvel Unlimited app, available on Apple and Android devices, and start reading.

Knull, the King In Black, arrives on Earth on December 2nd, and readers can catch up on the entire history of Knull on Marvel Unlimited. By using the code HOLIDAY60 new subscribers get their first year for only $60.

In Venom #1-5, Eddie Brock learned the truth about the symbiotes’ origins. He learned about Knull, the God of Darkness, and the father of the planet of symbiotes. He learned that there was so much more to his other than he ever imagined.

In Absolute Carnage, Eddie’s greatest enemy, Cletus Kassidy, tried to take over the Earth, all in Knull’s name. No one was safe, and every character in the Marvel Universe who had ever worn a symbiote was a target.

Now Knull is coming. And Venom- as well as the entire Marvel Universe- will never be the same.

Venom and Absolute Carnage are available now in print and digital collections, as well as on Marvel Unlimited.

King In Black #1 is available in stores and digitally next week, December 2nd, 2020.

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