A Seven Knights Collab in Latest ‘The King of Fighters Allstar’ Update

by Gary Catig

Netmarble has been recently pushing their video game franchise, Seven Knights. Not only is it a popular turn-based mobile role-playing game, it was also featured as the developer’s first foray into consoles. Now, there’s some intra-company synergy with Seven Knights crossing over with The King of Fighters Allstar.

The Seven Knights characters, Rudy, Shane and Rachel will be added to the roster of collectible fighters and battle cards in the mobile action RPG. In addition, Dellons and Eileene, two more heroes for Seven Knights, can be collected starting Thursday December 3rd. Also, just by logging in during the collaboration event, players automatically receive a free Rachel fighter at no cost.

Additional events in the latest update include:

  • Rush Dungeon: Players can experience an exclusive story inspired by Seven Knights and earn collaboration battle cards
  • Advent Dungeon: Players can collect Seven Knights coins in order to obtain Seven Knights Imprint Stones.
  • Team Relay Dungeon: Players can access and fight with Seven Knights’ Niu Mo Wang by relaying with up to five teams of Fighters. Players can earn AS Purple Soul and Enhancement Hammers depending on how they scored
  • Log in Bonus Event: By logging in, players can earn up to 100 Summon Tickets

The King of Fighters Allstar is now available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

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