New To You Comics: Brendan And Tony Look Back At Their Faves From 2020

by Brendan M. Allen

Man, this has been a hell of a year. Back in April, Tony Thornley and I were brainstorming ways to keep writing about comics when comics production had come to an abrupt and screeching halt. Having very different backgrounds and tastes in comics, we eventually had the idea to introduce each other to our own personal favorites, and kick them around with a fresh perspective. New To You Comics was born, and we’ve really been having fun with it. 

Between both of us having young kids, living in different time zones, and needing to sleep occasionally, a lot of work goes into putting these things out, but the reception has been amazing and we love doing it.

We’re going to take this week off, but not to worry, we won’t leave you hanging. Here are a few of our personal favorite NTYC pieces from 2020. Happy Holidays. Enjoy. We’ll catch up with you in 2021. 

Tony’s Top Three:

  1. Spider-Men, Marvel Comics- If you’ve read the column every week, you might have noticed that superhero books don’t always land for Brendan. Spider-Men by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli was probably the first traditional Big Two book that we both connected with and enjoyed without any reservations.

  2. Wytches, Image Comics- Sometimes the fun of this column was rediscovering a story. I remembered enjoying Scott Snyder and Jock’s modern horror classic, but I had forgotten just how scary, and how good, the story was.

  3. Something Is Killing The Children Volume 1, Boom! Studios- When I picked up the first volume of James Tynion IV and Werther Dell’Edera’s horror series, I knew I was going to dig it. As soon as I started reading it, I knew I had to share it with Brendan and we both immediately were immersed in this small-town horror thriller.


Brendan’s Top Three:

  1. Negative Space, Dark Horse Comics. This genre bending sci-fi noir thriller is one of my favorite all time books, and was also our very first entry in the NTYC series. No brainer.

  2. Infidel, Image Comics. Tony and I agree this is probably the most important book we’ve covered. Amazing allegory for oblivious, privileged existence built on level after level of suffering and decay.

  3. Rock Candy Mountain, Image Comics. Can’t leave my favorite occult kung-fu hobo epic off this list. This book makes me happy. That is all.


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