Review: Racing To Central City In A Flash In ‘Challenge Of The Super Sons’ #2

by James Ferguson

Tasked by the mysterious Rora to stop the power of the Doom Scroll, the Super Sons head into action. That means saving the Flash’s life by any means necessary. All in a days work for this new version of the World’s Finest.

Where Challenge of the Super Sons #1 re-introduced us to Jon Kent and Damian Wayne, this one jumps ahead to the point where it feels like we’re missing a chapter in between. The last issue left off with Rora showing up and now the kids are bouncing around with these new adventures. I actually went back and double checked to make sure I was reading issue #2 and not the third one.

Once you get over that hurdle, this is a pretty fun story. I’m unclear why Superboy and Robin can’t talk to their targets, but it does make for some creating saves. Writer Peter J. Tomasi crafts a bombastic tale as these two race after the fastest man alive, bickering all the way. I will never get tired of the friendship between this duo.

Letterer Rob Leigh adds some great context to the dialogue, especially as Jon and Damian riff on each other. Much of the talk is about the mission, but it often veers into other things and a few jokes. You get a sense of the timing and volume by how Leigh shows the words on the page.

Although they’re still kids, the Super Sons are most definitely heroes through and through. Artist Max Raynor shows the heart and determination with these two as they fly into an uncertain situation with one goal in mind. If they don’t save the Flash, no one will. Rora’s design also creates a nice sense of mystery.

This chapter also introduces a Super-Mobile of sorts, that Damian pilots to get to Central City fast enough. It’s a little funny to see the son of Batman flying around in this brightly colored ship. Colorist Luis Guerrero makes this pop on the page, even in the dark night. The lightning thrown out in the Flash’s wake shines with electric energy too.

Although it does feel like a chapter is missing, it’s easy to jump into Challenge of the Super Sons and greatly enjoy it. The fun adventure feel of this book is what really shines through. Hopefully this mission will get a little clearer as they move to a new target.

Challenge of the Super Sons #2 from DC Comics is currently available digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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