A Pistol & Fist Toy Story: Run The Jewels New Stop-Motion Animation Video Released

by Olly MacNamee

Look, we love animation and a fair few of us love Run the Jewels round here too. And it’s not like it’s the first time they’ve featured here on Comicon either. So, why wouldn’t we post their new video for ‘Walking in the Snow’ from their critically-acclaimed LP, ‘Run the Jewels 4’ and directed by Chris Hopewell.

“The stop motion visual stars action figure versions of your favorite rappers, Mike and El, who have been thrust into a toy-populated bedroom city where authoritarian forces have seized power and routinely use violence to quell revolt. But it doesn’t take long for our antiheroes to discover and link up with a secret rebel force set on overthrowing their frosty overlords.” 




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