Joe Barton To Take Creative Control Of HBO Max’s Gotham P.D. Series

by Erik Amaya

HBO Max’s The Batman spinoff has a new showrunner.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Giri/Haji creator Joe Barton will succeed Terence Winter as the chief creative executive on the untitled series. Set in the same reality as Matt ReevesThe Batman, it will focus on the corruption plaguing the Gotham City Police Department during the early days of the Dark Knight’s career. The action will focus on one police officer and the battle for his soul. Back during DC FanDome in August, both Reeves and Winter seemed excited to tell this aspect of the story in a streaming television show, but Winter exited the project in November over creative differences.

The series is also the first in a long line of intended HBO Max spinoffs from Warner Bros. Pictures’ DC films. The next one announced was Peacemaker, following The Suicide Squad character into a subsequent mission. At least, we think it is subsequent. Because The Suicide Squad writer-director James Gunn is also writing the series — and directing several episodes — it is already nearing production.

Other projects will be announced in due time as the studio still needs to make more films past 2022’s The Batman. These include Black Adam, a Shazam sequel Aquaman 2, and a long-in-development Flash feature film. As DC Films chief Walter Hamada recently revealed, each film will be examined for potential spinoff hooks. Meanwhile, previously announced HBO Max shows like Green Lantern and Strange Adventures are still in development.

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