Preview: Riverdale’s Outlaw Biker Gang Fights To Survive In ‘South Side Serpents’ #1

by Brendan M. Allen

Set to coincide with the release of Riverdale season five, Archie Comics released a preview of their upcoming one-shot dedicated to Jughead Jones and the South Side Serpents biker gang. Riverdale Presents: South Side Serpents #1, by David Barnett, Richard Ortiz, Matt Herms, and Jack Morelli hits spinner racks on Wednesday January 27, 2020.

‘FP Jones is worried for the future of the South Side Serpents. The biker gang is getting old and finding it hard to attract fresh blood. But FP has a plan, and it revolves around his son, Jughead. Hunted by the most fearsome biker gangs in the state, an unwilling Jughead has to step up into the role of leader to guide the Serpents on a perilous journey. There will be adventure, there will be thrills, there will be chases, and there will be death in this special one-shot event featuring fan-favorite characters from the CW Riverdale series.’

Check out the variant cover and preview pages below.

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