‘Doctor Aphra’ #7 Sells Out; 2nd Printing Coming With Minkyu Jung

by James Ferguson

Marvel Comics has announced Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #7 has sold out. The publisher is rushing it back to print with a new cover by interior artist Minkyu Jung. Written by Alyssa Wong, the issue follows Aphra as she does business with Lady Proxima, the famous Corellian gangster from Solo: A Star Wars Story. The rogue archaeologist traverses the galaxy for her next big score.

“The Star Wars universe is a dream place that all artists want to explore. In Star Wars comics, I can dive as deep into a galaxy far, far away as our team wants to go and meet new aliens and crazy creatures,” Jung said. “And getting to interact with infamous characters in the history of the Star Wars films like Lady Proxima is a true highlight in the journey!”

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #7 Second Printing is due out on February 1st, 2021.

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