DC Comics Gives Us An Extended First Look At The Debut Of Miracle Molly In ‘Batman’ #108

by Olly MacNamee

We’ve already given you a first look look at Miracle Molly, as announced by Batman scribe, James Tynion IV, in his most recent newsletter, and now DC Comics have revealed a first look at the stunning interior art by Jorge Jimenez for Batman #108. Miracle Molly first official full appearance.

Considering Tynion IV was brought on as a stop gap he’s certainly made a huge mark on Batman with classic storylines like  Batman: Their Dark Designs and Batman:The Joker War. Tynion IV and Jimenez have already unleashed instant classic characters like The Designer, Punchline, Clownhunter and Ghost-Maker and now they’re adding to this growing list of all-new rogues with Miracle Molly. Plus, an updated Scarecrow too, who’s back in Gotham City causing problems that will reverberated across 2021. Can you afford to miss this one?

“Going undercover to learn more about the sudden appearance of the transhumanist Unsanity Collective, Batman meets Miracle Molly, the Collective’s second-in-command and a full-blown engineering genius that can repair any kind of tech. But her appearance and the plans of the Unsanity Collective are only one of the mysteries that the Dark Knight will need to solve before he’s done:

  • After the events of Arkham Day, what does The Scarecrow have planned for Gotham City?
  • What plans does Simon Saint have for A-Day survivor Sean Mahoney, and how do they connect to Mayor Christopher Nakano and The Magistrate?”

Also in this issue – guaranteed to sell out –  Tynion IV and artist Ricardo Lopez Ortiz continue the high-octane action and adventure of Batman’s frenemy Ghost-Maker in part two of a very Manga-esque looking ‘Legend of the Ghost-Maker.’ Can Ghost-Maker stand up to the horror that is… Kid Kawaii?

Batman #108 preview

‘Legend of the Ghost-Maker’ preview:

Batman #108 is out Tuesday May 4th from DC Comics and comes with a main cover by Jimenez, with a stunning portrait-style variant cover by fan-favourite artist Stanley “Artgerm” Lau (both at $4.99 each), plus a 1:25 variant card stock cover by Riccardo Federici for $5.99.

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