Psycho-Man, The Puppet Master, Enters ‘Marvel Contest of Champions’

by Gary Catig

Last week, Marvel Contest of Champions revealed that Psycho-Man would be a new character arriving to the popular mobile brawling game. Well, this puppet master is now available and we take a closer look at the latest fighter to enter Battlerealm.

He has a twisted sense of control and likes to manipulate his opponents. He relies on fear, doubt and hate in the arena. For someone who wages psychological attacks, it’s fitting that his special moves are named “Waves of Emotion”, “Traumatic Experience” and “Emotional Breakdown”. Watch all his special moves in the video below.

If you’d like to learn more about his fighting style, consult his deep dive. Also, check out his Champion Spotlight for details on his abilities, history, strengths and recommended masteries. Do you think Psycho-Man is a worthy addition to your team, summoner? The Contest awaits you.

Marvel Contest of Champions is currently available for download.

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