Something For The Weekend: This Week’s Top News, TV And Film Reviews And Moe

by Olly MacNamee

Moving our comic book reviews over to their own regular weekly column means we can give you even more from the various voices we have writing for us. And a good variety of articles to read through too, as you’ll see from this week’s ten-to-takeaway.

Everything from comic book news to film reviews and more. as well as a little something extra for the weekend in the form of a comic book related piece of music. Let’s get stuck in, shall we?

  1. Leading the pack this week is Koom Kankesan’s in-depth review of Netflix’s The White Tiger here. On the strength of this review alone, I’ll be watching this as Koom makes a very persuasive argument for the merits of the film, an the novel its based on. Maybe you’ll be swayed too?
  2. Sticking with the subject if films, we brought you the news that the addition of comic book Nimona is now dead in the water because of Disney’s shutdown of their Blue Sky Animation Studio. EiC, Erik Amaya, brings you more here.
  3. Meanwhile, Rachel Bellwoar reviewed A Nightmare Wakes here. A fascinating imagining of the story behind the writing of Gothic classic Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and out now.
  4. Tony Thornley and Brendan M Allen discuss Marvel’s Black Panther- Intergalactic Empire Of Wakanda Book 1 here in their regular weekly ‘New to You Comics’ column here.
  5. Richard Bruton looked at the long running webcomic Hotel Fred from Roger Langridge here. And, as a long time fan myself, it really is a web comic you should be reading.
  6. DC Comics hit the headlines a good few times this past week with askew of announcements. Some of the more popular announcements we featured were for the debut of Miracle Molly in Batman #108 here, as well as a first look at new YA graphic novel, Poison Ivy: Thorns here.
  7. Dynamite Comics were kind enough to share with us yet another in-depth writer’s commentary with Dan Abnett walking and talking us through the creative process behind Dejah Thoris #9 here.
  8. On the preview front, it would seem Archie and the gang still have their fans with Brendan Allen’s preview of World Of Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest one of the more popular previews of the week. Check it out here now.
  9. And he also bought us a first look at BOOM! Studios’ Once & Future #16 here too.
  10. We also had a hint of the return of popular anime Hunter X Hunter, as posted by Anna Lindwasser here.

That’s your lot for this week. Expect for this week’s music of choice.

Well, as it was announced this week that Cypress Hill are celebrating the 30th anniversary of their debut LP with a new graphic novel from Z2 Comics, that’s enough of an excuse for me to post this track from their eponymously titled debut LP – and my all-time favourite track from it –  ‘Hand on the Pump’…

Have a good weekend, everyone! And, smoke ’em if ya got ’em!

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