Guillermo del Toro Speaks with Tomm Moore About ‘Wolfwalkers’ and The Future of Animation.

by Tito W. James

In a rare meeting of minds, Guillermo Del Toro moderated a panel with Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart to discuss their animated film, Wolfwalkers. It’s great to see creative people discuss the craft of animation. Del Toro gives a few hints about his upcoming Pinocchio film and commends Cartoon Saloon for pushing the perceived limitations of animation.

Moore and Stewart understand that animation is a medium not a genre and that hand-drawn animation can communicate truth without realism. Del Toro concluded by saying that it’s going to be up to the next generation of cartoon creators to change Western perceptions of animation. I’ve always been an advocate for mature animated storytelling and it’s good to know that I’m not alone. Just remember readers, to support these unconventional films with your time and money. That’s the only way we can make a change!

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