‘Batwoman’ Heads For Some Action In A Preview Of Next Week’s Show

by Erik Amaya

After spending the last few weeks setting up the show’s new status quo, Batwoman appears to be headed for its first action-packed resolution as Ryan (Javicia Leslie) and Sophie (Meagan Tandy) have words about Angelique (Bevin Bru). Meanwhile, Mary (Nicole Kang) and Jacob (Dougray Scott) end up captives, and Alice (Rachel Skarsten) and Ocean (Nathan Owens) get corned for the map … by Sophie!? Will all end up in car crashes or does Ryan really have this?

As for this week’s episode, we were happy to see Wolf Spider’s (Lincoln Clauss) costumed get roundly mocked despite Evan’s impressive style in this civilian life — seriously, the jacket they wore to the Crows HQ was awesome — but we hope to see more of them in the future. For one thing, Mary offered a lot more information than they were entitled to and they failed to ask how she knew about the Napier painting in the first place. That feels like the beginning of a recurring character to us. Also, they are a great foil for just about everybody.

And speaking of foils, the ongoing discussion between Ryan (as Batwoman) and Sophie regarding the Crows’ methods is a very potent rumination on our own world’s attempts to address police violence. For one thing, there’s the incredible image of two Black woman from very different backgrounds debating the issue. Then there’s the way the Crow’s status as a private police force changes the conversation. All of Ryan’s criticisms are certainly valid in regard to a real city’s police, but the organization’s dubious actual legal status means there is an opportunity for Ryan to expose their crimes and, perhaps, see justice.

Maybe its better for Jacob to ultimately be a villain in this story?

But, again, the later Batsignal scene is another example of the sort of material the show could only cover with Ryan. Kate wasn’t exactly a fan of the Crows either, but the conflict carries more weight with Ryan having history with them from an underprivileged place. It’s fascinating to see these topics broached on a superhero show even if only for a scene or two each episode.

We hope those criticisms keep working their way into the plot even if ideas like Angelique fail to be as compelling. As far as romantic interests go, Ocean is a much more successful addition to the story. But then again, maybe it’s just because he brings a little bit of Beth out of Alice.

Batwoman airs Sundays on The CW.

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