Behemoth Comics Launches New Publishing Imprint Happy Tank

by Benjamin Hall

Behemoth Comics announces at ComicsPro 2021 that they will be launching a new imprint, Happy Tank. This imprint will target mature and young adult readers. Happy Tank is according to Behemoth Comics “a comic book version of late night TV networks like Adult Swim.” The imprint is being run by publisher Kevin Roditeli and editor-in-chief Rob Cannon. According to Happy Tank “they plan to launch one new series per month for 2021 starting in May. A 50/50 mix between original IPs and licensed titles like MFKZ, the latter of which has an animated film on Netflix streaming now.”

Freak Snow #1 (2021) Cover by Victor Santos

Freak Snow #1 is set for release in May. It has a mature rating. The creative team includes of writer Kevin Roditeli, writer/artist Rob Cannon, and cover art by artists Victor Santos, Drew Moss, Dimitris Pantazis. Freak Snow’s narrative centers on a junkie whose name is Berny who is looking for a mystical hole. Happy Tank promises much mayhem and killing in this title. Also it is a 4 issue sequel mini-series to the Behemoth Comics graphic novel Freak Snow: Washed In The Blood (2021). The price point for this mini-series is set at $3.99.

MFKZ #1 (2021) cover art by Run.

MFKZ #1 is set for release in June. It has a mature rating. The price point is $5.99 due to this first issue being larger than average at 54 pages. MFKZ’s creator known as Run will be the artist and writer. Like the movie version the lead characters are Angelino and Vinz. While the setting is still DMC which is a dystopian riddle of a city.

Cinnamon #1 (2021) cover art by Victoria Douglas

Cinnamon #1 is set for release in July. It has a young adult rating. The page count is 28 pages with a $3.99 price point. While the creator of the series Victoria Douglas will provide the art and writing. Its narrative centers on a regular cat whose name is Cinnamon, and her odd view of her journey to get Catnip.

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