Crowdfunding Comics: Robert Wells’ ‘Love Her Madly’

by Richard Bruton

More great comics to get your cash out for over on Kickstarter! This time it’s Robert Wells‘ latest comic, Love Her Madly & Other Stories, 40 pages of full-colour Well’s wonderful, cleverly done silliness and great cartooning.

Robert Wells has been doing this funny and clever comics thing for quite a while, whether it’s the comics Malty Heave, Department of the Peculiar, or his excellent graphic novel about a few… well, personal problems, Back, Sack, Crack… & Brain.

His latest, raising cash over at Kickstarter here, is Love Her Madly & Other Stories, 40 pages (plus covers) of magazine-sized, landscape format, full-colour comics about “love, life in the suburbs, heavy metal and fish fingers (among other things)”.

Inside… the same sort of funny as hell strips I’ve told you about before… just shorter. I did mention the whole damn funny bit, right?

So, inside you’re going to find…

“Love Her Madly: Heavy metal-obsessed student Tom Oilmain lives with his dad and step mum in a depressing suburban town and works part time in a fish finger factory, where he develops a crush on a strange woman called Celia Doom. They chat. A lot. And then go for a drink. (21 pages)”.


“Halloween Parade: A couple (it’s me and my wife, so I don’t know why I’m referring to us in the third person) move into a new house and are plagued by premature trick-or-treaters. (5 pages)”


“Twenty-Bore: Community Payback: Government agent Jack Bowser’s obsession with solving all of his cases in exactly 24 hours (not a minute more, not a minute less) has got him into trouble. (3 pages)”

“Brie(f) Encounter: A young charity fundraiser encounters an awkward customer. (2 pages.)”

“The Time Traveller’s Comic Collection: While stuck in a traffic jam, I travel back to my childhood with some advice for my younger self. (5 pages.)”

Now… head over to the Love Her Madly & Other Stories Kickstarter and give it some of your hard-earned cash – after all, you need a damn good laugh these days… and Robert Wells‘ work is always a damn good laugh.

Robert Wells – Lover Her Madly & Other Stories – Kickstarter ends on March 11th

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