Super-Skrull Looks To Make Earth Pay In ‘Marvel Contest Of Champions’

by Gary Catig

It can be difficult challenging a single fighter in Marvel Contest of Champions but imagine taking on four at the same time. That’s pretty much what it’s like when fighting the latest combatant to join the popular mobile brawler. Though he was teased at the beginning of this month, Super-Skrull is now entering the fray.

He was instilled with the powers of the entire Fantastic Four after Marvel’s First Family repelled his people’s invasion of Earth. He can be charged with cosmic power sent directly from his home world to become even stronger than the famed team whose abilities he mimics. You better believe he represents Skrulls in the Contest with hopes of expanding their empire’s influence into Battleworld. Watch his arsenal of special moves below or dive deeper into his fighting style here.

Consult Super-Skrull’s Champion Spotlight to learn all about him including his abilities, history, strengths recommended masteries.

Marvel Contest of Champions is currently available for download.

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