The ‘Demon Days’ Saga Continues With June’s ‘Demon Days: Mariko’

by Tony Thornley

This week’s stunning Demon Days: X-Men was just the beginning.

In June, Peach Momoko returns with the second part of her five part story: Demon Days: Mariko! The story will introduce readers to new versions of Black Widow, Nightcrawler, and more as we learn the mystery of Mariko Yashida.

In Demon Days: X-Men, we visited Kirisaki Mountain, with its Yokai and Oni. However, in the modern day, a young girl who has unknown ties to the mountain has to confront these mysteries. What is that connection? And what does her mysterious black-garbed caretaker have to do with it? Find out in this stunning chapter.

In talking about the story, Momoko said “The first issue of Demon Days starts off in feudal Japan with Sai (Psylocke)… but the next issue will be completely different. Different timeline, different characters (even the main character is changing), different tone to the story. But it is still a connecting story.

 “The second issue starts with the new main character [Mariko Yashida] and is a story that I originally pitched to CB a couple years ago. The connection between the first issue and the rest of the series is that they are all based in Mt. Kirisaki. The first issue is a folktale about Mt. Kirisaki. And the rest of the series is about characters having a deep relationship with the mountain. After the first issue, I will be telling a traditional Japanese folktale with a modern twist.

“All of my characters are based on Marvel characters but turned into yokai, kami, and other Momoko-verse ideas inspired by Japanese folklore. They all look different, act different… but I hope everyone will still enjoy my version of the Marvel world.”

Demon Days: X-Men is available now, and be sure to pick up Demon Days: Mariko in June!

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