Paperfilms Hits Kickstarter For ‘Sex & Violence’ Volume 3

by James Ferguson

Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, and an impressive crew of other creators have launched their next Kickstarter project through Paperfilms with Sex & Violence: Volume 3. This new collection features a main cover by Frank Frazetta, a virgin version of Frazetta’s cover, a mystery variant by Conner, and a Kickstarter exclusive variant by Joe Linsner. Just in case you couldn’t tell, this is an adults only comic. It features excessive nudity and violence.

Conner and Palmiotti are joined by Justin Gray, John J Hill, Patrick Wedge, Jimmy Broxton, Lee Ferguson, Challenging Studios,  Gilbert Hernandez, Joe Linsner, Marco Perugini, Aleksandar Bozic Ske, Elsa Charretier, Sarah Frazetta, and more. The book features 64 pages of crime, lust, and redemption, told over four different short stories.

Sex & Violence is an anthology series so you don’t need to have read the first two volumes to jump into this one. All of the stories stand alone. Of course, you can pick up digital copies of the previous books as rewards for this Kickstarter campaign. The campaign runs through April 4th, 2021 and is already closing in on its funding goal.

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