Something For The Weekend: Your Regular Ten To Takeaway

by Olly MacNamee

Here’s hoping you’ve all had a safe and healthy week. And to encourage you all to continue to stay safe, here’s this weekend’s selection of news, TV and film reviews and more to entertain and inform.

  1. To start you off, a quick shout out to Koom Kankesan’s who’s new column, The Contrarian Collector is doing exceptionally well after just two weeks. Last week he discussed the art of David Roach and how he came to own a piece of one of comicdom’s most underappreciated artist. It’s a long read, but each column recounts the personal journey behind each piece of art in Koom’s collection. I highly recommend it. Read last weekend’s column here.
  2. There was quite a bit of news out this week from the world of TV and film. EiC Erik Amaya reported on Superman & Lois getting an early season two renewal after just one episode here.
  3. And he also brought us the news that Vampirella is to be developed for film and  television by Arowana Media Holding here. And about time too. I can’t believe it’s only just happening after 50 years!
  4. Also on the film front, our EiC informed all our readers of Hugh Grant and Sophia Lillis are joining the cast of the new live action Dungeons & Dragons film. And with Hugh Grant having something of a Renaissance at the moment with star turns in both Paddington 2 and The Gentlemen, so I look forward to what he brings to his role as main villain. Us Brits do a mean line in villains, and I expect Hugh’s to be one of the better ones to add to the list. Read more here, but suddenly I’m excited for a film I hadn’t cared for before I heard this bit of casting news.
  5. On the comic book front, AfterShock announced a new occult thriller, Out of Body by Peter Milligan and Inaki Miranda. Read more here.
  6. Tito W James brought us news on a new documentary on Mike Mignola crowdfunding currently on Kickstarter. If you’re a fan why not read more here and consider backing this project.
  7. James Bond’s latest silver screen affair may have been postponed yet again, but you can still get your fix of this anachronistic Cold War era spy, with a few updates for modern sensibilities, in Dynamite’s newest series, James Bond: Agent of Spectre #1 which you can preview again here.
  8. Five Night’s A Freddy’s is still a thing, with new gameplay being shown off for their latest installment here. as reported by Sage Ashford.
  9. One more bit of games news made it onto the list this week. Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier was announced and coming to mobile devices sometime this year. Read more and see some in-game play here.
  10. Finally, with a bit more comic book news, Brendan M Allen brought us a new Marvel trailer for Alien #1 here.

And, as it’s the weekend, I’ll leave you with this little extra treat. The Galactic Empire bringing a little bit of Heavy Metal to proceedings with their take on ‘The Imperial March’ by John Williams:

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