Kiersey Clemons Recommits To ‘The Flash’ Feature

by Erik Amaya

Kiersey Clemons will be Iris West after all

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor will reprise her Zack Snyder’s Justice League role as the Central City reporter and One True Love of Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) in the feature film version of The Flash. Clemons first signed on for the role in 2016, when Dope and The Mandalorian director Rick Famuyiwa was set to helm the Flash feature. So certain was this plan, that Clemons filmed a scene for Justice League. Then Famuyiwa left the project. Clemons remained attached as Iris, but in the years — and directors — since that time, it became unclear if she would remain onboard.

The gulf of years also saw the theatrical version of Justice League arrive without her scene and the entire plan for the DC Films universe going through its own Crisis-level event. But with a sense of direction coming to the films and director Zack Snyder reinstating her into his cut of Justice League, the Iris question once again came into view. And though we haven’t seen the SnyderCut yet, we’re glad to see she will be part of The Flash‘s future.

To be directed by It‘s Andy Muschietti, the film see Barry visiting with various versions of the Batman and, seemingly, finally forging his own identity as the premiere Central City superhero. Although, that still mostly a guess even if Micheal Keaton and Ben Affleck are returning as their Batman characters.

Strangely, The Flash has been a difficult film to put together with directors like Famuyiwa and Seth Grahame-Smith signed at one point to helm the feature. A difference in what the studio, the directors, and Miller himself wanted for the project seemed to cause a lot of the creative differences. Miller even called in the expertise of Grant Morrison to pen a script said to be “darker” than any Flash story told before. But it seems something more like Flashpoint won out in the end. Which, in its own way, is a fitting way to give The Flash is big screen solo debut.

The Flash is set for release on November 4th, 2022.

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