Super Sunday Kickstarting Comics Special (Part 1): ‘Demon Hunter Raven Chapter 3’

by Olly MacNamee

Earlier in the week we sent out a tweet asking who was crowdfunding comics through Kickstarter. And we got quite the response. Which made us think that it had been some time since we shown a light on one the hour, every hour. Starting with a look at Demon Hunter Raven Chapter 3 from Nicholas Mueller.

“Welcome to Chapter 3: Nocturnal Moon, a continuing adventure in the Demon Hunter Raven series! 

Raven, now joined by Hiro and Violet of the Nevi’im clan has been hunting in the twin cities of Minneapolis – St. Paul, struggling to keep a tight lid on demon activity. But a series of mysterious kidnappings and brutal murders grabs our hero’s attention. Working from the shadows, the diabolical Coven is emerging to the forefront as they prepare to release the dreaded “Nocturnal Moon” upon the city. Raven and Violet will be put to the test as they must both learn to work and trust each other in time to stop the Coven from unleashing chaos and disaster across the city.

As the kidnappings increase and the bodies pile up, Detective Vail is called onto the case to investigate. She soon realizes that not everything is as it seems. As she dives deeper into each murder, drawing her ever deeper into the darker corners of the twin cities, will she find her answers or become another victim?

Will Raven and Violet be able to stop the Coven from unleashing the Nocturnal Moon? Or will the city fall into darkness? Find out in this soft cover 68-page action-packed trade paperback!”

For more in this comic book project head over to the campaign page here.



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