Syfy Picks Up ‘Resident Alien’ For A Second Season

by Erik Amaya

Good news, Harry Vanderspeigel fans, Resident Alien is getting a coveted second season on Syfy!

The program stars Alan Tudyk as an alien hiding out on Earth in the form of a simple country doctor who becomes involved with the citizens of a Colorado town. Of course, his purpose on the planet, and just how “simple” the real Harry was, add to the tension of the show. Both elements are departures from the Dark Horse comic book series by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse, but we think they make the TV show in a fun and unique way. In fact, both the comic and the show are great riffs on the same premise and form an intriguing duo as tone, plot, and even characters differ. Trust us, if you haven’t seen the show or read the comic, it’s worth your while.

And, indeed, it’s proving worth Syfy’s while, which is something of a change. The last few comic book-based shows, like Vagrant Queen, did not survive past one season on the network. Indeed, it’s often been tough for the network to connect its material with audiences. When it does, you get a fanbase as loyal as the ones for Wynonna Earp, Dark Matter, and — going back a few years — Warehouse 13. When it doesn’t … well, they drift away into the sands of time.

(h/t Deadline)

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