Lena Luthor Will Finally Be An “Insider” When ‘Supergirl’ Returns

by Erik Amaya

Supergirl will soon be returning to the air. And when it does, Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath) will have a new role in the program’s dynamic: she’ll be a full member of the team.

To recap — Kara (Melissa Benoist) dragged her feet in telling Lena she was Supergirl. It led to friction even before Lena found out as she grew to resent Supergirl for various reasons. And when Lex (Jon Cryer) used the secret against them both, it inspired a rage in Lena which allowed Lex the chance to brainwash every human on Earth. Had Season 5 ended on schedule, it would’ve seen a restored pairing of Kara and Lena defeating him.

And now that all the secrets are out and their friendship is on the mend, it seems Lena will finally be a full member of Team Supergirl.

While speaking with EW, co-showrunner Jessica Queller said “Lena is going to become a more integral part of the Superfriends this season than ever before.

“I think that’s going to be really satisfying and have emotional resonance for her because she’s always kind of felt like an outsider, not just with Kara’s secret but with the whole group,” she added. “Now she is going to be a full on insider, so that will change the dynamic for Lena and the group.”

For fans of the Lena/Kara friendship — and those who ship them because the have mad chemistry together — a chance to see Lena fully embraced will set the final season apart from its predecessors. The show might be big on action and world-ending threats, but it is at its best when the characters are having a party or pizza night. And while the show may never fulfill the Supercorp dream, just getting to a point where Lena feels truly accepted is a great note to end on.

In fact, we’re way more excited about that than the continuing Leviathan plot, which has been a damp squib since the Crisis. We were hoping it would be resolved with the March 30th episode, but Queller’s other comments to EW suggest it will continue for another six episodes. Hopefully, there will still be little character moments to hold onto while that plot drags on.

Supergirl returns March 30th on The CW.

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