Lex Luthor Powers Up In A ‘Supergirl’ Season 6 Trailer

by Erik Amaya

Supergirl finally returns next week. And in preparation, The CW unleashed a trailer in which Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer) powers up to fight Kara (Melissa Benoist). But it seems the Superfriends will still be ready for him. Sort of.

Of course, the program’s return begins the countdown to its end as Season 6 will be Supergirl‘s last. It’s first job is to finish the Leviathan story — which we hope will end quickly as it never picked up steam again after the Crisis — before moving on to something which will offer closer.

Meanwhile, we couldn’t help but notice Brainy (Jesse Rath) in some of shots, indicating he will survive the trap Lex put him in last season. Since he is our sentimental favorite, it’s good to see he will live on. But considering the program is ending, will the Legion of Superheroes call him back to the future? That would be a nice bit of tension with Nia (Nicole Maines), who seemingly has a destiny to fulfill in the 21st Century.

One sad element going forward, though, is the lack of crossovers. Kara will not have the chance to say goodbye to Barry (Grant Gustin) or even Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) as each of the Arrowverse’s Vancouver productions are in their own COVID-19 safeguard bubbles. This is why a planned Batwoman/Superman & Lois crossover was abandoned. Granted, a sort of mini-crossover will still happen with Arrow‘s David Ramsey visiting National City and several other Arrowverse locations across the remainder of the year. So, at the very least, John Diggle (Ramsey) will give Kara some parting words of wisdom.

Provided, of course, that she is going anywhere. It is always possible the series will end with her recommitting to being the premiere hero of National City and leaving the possibility of Benoist guest-starring on the other shows when it becomes feasible.

Supergirl returns March 30th on The CW.

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