Jordan Begins Training When ‘Superman & Lois’ Returns In May

by Erik Amaya

Due to COVID-19 shutdowns and the grind of post-production work, Superman & Lois is going on hiatus until May. But when it returns, Jordan (Alex Garfin) will be in a heap of trouble. Luckily, Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) will be there to help him out. And as this trailer for the next episode reveals, the situation will mean it’s time for Jordan to begin his training. Sure, he may never have Superman-level powers, but it is still important for him to learn how to use his heightened abilities properly. But will it mean Sam Lane (Dylan Walsh) will eventually doubt his own grandson’s loyalty?

So, as predicted, Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) went back on his support of Jordan. We understand it, to an extent, as it really seems all his certainty has been stripped away by the move. His girl in Metropolis dumped him, Jordan has stolen the one thing he’s good at, and Clark isn’t paying him as much attention as he did before. Nevertheless, we can’t help but recall he was the first person to see Jordan thriving on the team. Maybe we should give the show credit for allowing Jonathan to be a realistic teenager; perceptive and selfless one moment and wildly selfish the next.

Maybe Metropolis is the best place for him.

Meanwhile, the X-Kryptonite plot continues at a good place while the Stranger (Wolé Parks) finally revealed an interesting element of his backstory. On his Earth, he was with Lois. Besides the character conflicts it will present later, it also means the Kal-El of his world broke bad for a different reason than Lois’s death — taking the conflict out of the Injustice/Zack Snyder’s Justice League zone. We’re definitely looking forward to learning more about that villainous Kryptonian and how our Clark varies from him.

Superman & Lois returns May 18th.

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