‘Capone’ Double Vinyl Soundtrack By Run The Jewels’ El-P Available To Pre-Order

by Olly MacNamee

Capone starring Tom Hardy and written and directed by Josh Trank and currently streaming on Netflix may very well be even worse than his Fantastic Four, flick, but I was definitely impressed by the soundtrack. To my surprise, in the end credits the composer was revealed to be none other than El-P from Run the Jewels and Wilder Zoby. My ears had not failed me in spotting a good score and one that will be instantly familiar to anyone who’s heard their recent new long player. Moody, doom-laden and heavy.

So, while I doubt I’ll be watching this travesty again anytime soon, I’ll happily jump at the chance of replaying the soundtrack over and over again with this new coloured vinyl release.

This double album coloured vinyl marks his first full movie score since 2002’s Bomb The System. And, available now to pre-order here in the UK and here in the USA.

As for the film? Well, its effectively Al Capone riddled with syphilis and having a really, really bad trip for two hours. Awful, from start to finish.

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