Adam Wingard To Direct ‘Thundercats’ Feature Adaptation At Warner Bros.

by Erik Amaya

Will Godzilla vs Kong director Adam Wingard be the filmmaker to push Thundercats over the finish line?

Deadline reports Warner Bros. has signed him to helm the long-in-development project. The film, based on the Rankin-Bass animated series from the 1980s, will tell the tale of the last survivors of the planet Thundera. Fleeing their dead homeworld, the travelers make their way to “Third Earth,” a planet which may be our own in the distant past or future. As they begin to establish a new colony there, their old enemies awaken an ancient evil called Mumm-ra who detects the presence of the Eye of Thundera, a power source which could vanquish him for good.

For its part, the eye is encased in the Sword of Omens and entrusted to Lion-o, a boy who grows to be a man while the rest of the cat-like humanoids known as the Thundercats are in suspended animation. Because he was chosen to keep the sword, he is now their leader despite not knowing the first thing about leadership.

The project had been in development for sometime with producers Dan Lin and Roy Lee. They even had a script from David Coggeshall, but it seems Wingard will start from scratch. His concept is said to be a mix of live action and animation and will use the original series a stepping-off point. It is unclear if this means the movie will somehow be a continuation of the series, but it is an approach the director has talked about for years.

Of course, as with any 1980s cartoon not called Transformers, we are skeptical the project will ever be completed. Thundercats is closer to the Robotech side of niche. And although Super7 has done an amazing job with its Thundercats Ultimates line of action figures, the toys are almost entirely marketed to the fans of the original program. Like He-Man and a few other toylines of the time, it seems fans memories will keep a small business afloat, but leave studios high and dry. We’d be happy to be wrong, of course, but it seems a lot of these properties are better off left as part of Gen X nostalgia.

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