Advance Review: ‘The Department Of Truth’ #7 Reveals More Backstory And Creepy Conspiracies

by Olly MacNamee


The Department of Truth #7 offers up another intriguing peek into the history of the agency with an issue focussed on tinfoil hat wearing agent Doc Hynes. From James Tynion IV and guest artists Tyler Boss.


I think I see a pattern emerging here. Or is it all in my head? You tell me, but it would seem that whenever we get a standalone issue deviating from the main action, it offers the chance for writer James Tynion IV to bring in a guest artist. And The Department of Truth #7 is another such issue with Tyler Boss illustrating this side story in which the tinfoil hat wearing Doc Hynes gets some attention and a backstory.

Tynion IV continues to connect the dots that keep real-life conspiracists up at night, and places them into the mouths of his characters. Characters like Doc Hynes who we meet in a desert-side diner as a seventeen year old with a fascination for such stuff. Seems his obsession with tin foil has been a long standing one. But, it’s not just his belief in the unbelievable that makes him an ideal candidate for recruitment by the Department of Truth. But, to find out what makes him so special, you’re going to need to pick up a copy for yourself.

It is safe to say, however, that aliens and UFOs feature prominently in this issue as Tynion IV continues to make it his mission to include every single conspiracy ever thought up into his complex narrative. And while a lot of this issue takes place in an isolated diner, it’s far from static. Tynion IV’s script certainly plays to Tyler’s strengths as a particularly stylised artist, and the pages he presents as though torn from a pulp sci-fi magazine of yesteryear won me over. Especially after initially feeling his art style, and the intentionally flat colours of Roman Titov seemed uninspiring when compared to regular artist and co-creator Martin Simmonds. But, when reading this book it’s a style that will grow on you and win you over, like it did me.

Of course, this is The Department of Truth we’re talking about here and so horror is never too far off. And with a second issue that reveals a chapter from the Department’s history we get a better sense of a slow-burning menaces that have walked amongst us us for some time. The pacing of this whole series is more in keeping with Gothic literature than contemporary horror movies and works exceptionally well in this medium.

It’s another solid inclusion in a series that relishes in the research Tynion IV has put into this seminal work, but one that is meticulously building a world connected through real-time historical events twisted to suit the story. The truth may very well be out there, but the team are taking their damn fine time in revealing it to us all.

The Department of Truth #7 is out Wednesday 31st March from Image Comics.

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