Counting Down To Answers In The Flash 3.21 ‘Cause And Effect’ – Watch The Extended Promo

by Staff

There were plenty of fan theories about who exactly was in that suit known as “Savitar” on CW’s The Flash, but the most logical one, even if it seemed too simple, turned out to be true and now the cat is out of the bag.
Meaning everything that Barry Allen thinks, observes, says, or does, is now revealed as something that constructs a future version of himself–and Savitar. The reaction to this situation is odder than you might have seen coming–Team Flash has decided they need to interrupt Barry’s ability to make memories in order to disrupt Savitar. The results of this are–lets say mixed, at best.
There are so many questions now to be answered about who and what future Barry/Savitar is, including why he would be so set on killing Iris West.
Maybe we’ll get some answers this week in “Cause and Effect”, Season 3, episode 21. And remember that clock is still ticking down to that fixed point in time we’ve seen is the moment of Iris’s death.
Here’s our extended promo for “Cause and Effect”, airing this Tuesday, May 9th, at 8pm on the CW:

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