The UK Gets An Exclusive ‘Die’ #16 Gets A Collectible Cover 

by Olly MacNamee

Covid-19 still dominates the headlines a year on and still wrecks havoc. So, Diamond UK Direct Market are trying to help out with a special ‘Thank you’ cover for Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans’ Die #16, to benefit UK independently-owned comic book stores and the bigger stores too.

Gillen explains more:

“We’ve had such incredible support on this book throughout its run from Diamond UK — hell, as a British writer, throughout my whole career. When Eric [Stephenson] suggested it, it just seemed like something we absolutely should do, as quickly as possible. It’s been a nightmarish time. Thank you.”

Die #16 kicks off the series’ final story arc, ‘Bleed,’ this May and the highly anticipated conclusion to the series will land in Die #20.

Die #16 Cover A by Hans and Die #16 Cover B by Varanda will also both be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, May 5th.

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