Preview: High Stakes Conflict Over A Couple Tense Hours In ‘Riverdale: The Ties That Bind’ OGN

by Brendan M. Allen

Archie Comics’ second OGN, featuring the world of The CW’s Riverdale drops this week from the young readers’ imprint, Archie Blue Ribbon. Riverdale: The Ties That Bind OGN is the last high school-era story in the franchise, mirroring the time-jump that occurred on the TV show. 

‘Four interconnected stories trap each of our main characters in a unique high-stakes conflict over the course of a few pressure-cooker hours! Jughead’s locked in and left behind with Moose at Stonewall Prep. Veronica is trapped with Cheryl at a nearby suburban shopping mall. Betty and Polly are stalked by a possible madman when a girls’ night goes horribly awry. Archie is held hostage by a ‘long lost relative’ of Fred’s who’s come to town seeking payback of any and every kind. Will Archie and company even make it to sunrise? If they do, will they ever be the same again?’

Featuring a script by Micol Ostow, with art by Thomas Pitilli, John Workman, and Andre Szymanowicz, Riverdale: The Ties That Bind OGN is available for sale this Wednesday, April 14, 2021.

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