Gabriel Walta Creates An Incentive Cover For ‘Time Before Time’ #1 From Image Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Image Comics have revealed a new variant incentive cover for art by Gabriel Walta for Declan Shalvey, Rory McConville, and Joe Palmer’s Time Before Time #1. This cover will be a 1:25 incentive and will be available in stores when the series launches this May.

And here’s why Shalvey chose Walta:

“Walta is one of my favourite contemporary comic creators. He has an incredible skill at using composition, tone and texture to articulate the most intimate detail—to make the smallest moments wonderous. I’m so delighted to have this wonderful piece of art adorn our first issue. Way better than that Shalvey cover, that’s for sure.”

Variant cover by Gabriel Walta

As for the premise of this new series describes as “The Wire meets Quantum Leap“?

“Time Before Time is set in the year 2140. To escape a world with no future, many turn to the Syndicate, a criminal organization who, for the right price, will smuggle you back in time to a better life. After working for the Syndicate for years, Tatsuo and Oscar decide to steal one of their boss’s time machines—but soon find that the one thing you can’t run from is your past.”

Look out for Time Before Time #1 Wednesday May 12th from Image Comics

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