Your First Look At ‘Batman/Fortnite #4 With Extra In-Game ‘Deathstroke Destroyer Glider’

by Olly MacNamee

Batman/Fortnite #4 sees Deathstroke the Terminator enter the fray and land of The Island in this first look at the issue in question:

“Batman has broken free from the Loop and the endless cycle of combat. Now free to explore the island without limitation, the World’s Greatest Detective will discover secrets about the world of Fortnite never before revealed in the game or anywhere else. Just one thing…he’s not alone. Not only is he met by a rogue faction of Fortnite bandits who have ALSO escaped the loop—Eternal Voyager! Bandolette! Magnus! Fishstick! And a few others—there’s someone else trapped, someone who is trying to get free from the world of Fortnite…someone deadly. Will Batman recognize this familiar hunter-for-hire, and even more importantly, will he trust him? Just because Batman’s out of the Loop doesn’t mean the fighting is over!”

Written by Christos Gage, with pencils by Christian Duce, with inks by Nelson Faro DeCastro and colour art by John Kalisz, the print edition will come with a special redeemable code that will allow you to pick up a ‘Deathstroke Destroyer Glider’ for in-game play. And as a bonus, readers and gamers who redeem all six codes will unlock a new Armored Batman Zero Outfit.

For gamers and fans of Fornite this is a neat extra to include at no additional cost either, and a sign of what may be included in any future partnerships DC Comics – or any other comic book publisher – may strike up with other game developers. An initiative that could prove fortuitous at a time when DC Comics seem to be experimenting with its comic books.

Look out for Batman/Fortnite #4 out Tuesday June 1st, 2021.



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