Super Sunday (Part 1): Bring On The Bad Guys

by Olly MacNamee

Villains are on the rise. That’s if the current crop of DC Comics and Marvel titles are any indication of popularity, with more and more villains promoted to their very own series. So we though we’d give them the spotlight this Sunday and offer up a selection of previews featuring criminals from the respective universes of the DCU and the 616, starting with a look at Crime Syndicate #3, out Tuesday 4th May from DC Comics:

Written by: Andy Schmidt
Pencils: Bryan Hitch, Kieran McKeown
Inks: Bryan Hitch, Dexter Vines
Colored by: Olyoptics Oliff, Steve Oliff, Alex Sinclair
Cover by: Jim Cheung, Romulo Fajardo Jr., David Finch

“With the Crime Syndicate’s forces combined for the first time, seeds are sown to change the world forever. But before that can happen, Ultraman, Superia, Johnny Quick, Atomica, and Emerald Knight must survive a final battle with the biggest Starro of them all-and each other! Plus: Earth-3’s Alexander Luthor makes his debut!

Question of the month: On Earth-3, are Starros friends or foes?

And in the backup story, witness the origin of Superwoman in tale illustrated by superstar artist Bryan Hitch!”

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