Justice Breaks Down On The Next ‘Batwoman’

by Erik Amaya

The following preview for next week’s Batwoman suggests a very different episode. For reasons, the GCPD arrest Ryan (Javicia Leslie) and Luke (Camrus Johnson). And though we may not know the reasons, the implications are pretty damned clear. Nevertheless, Sophie (Meagan Tandy) may not be willing to see it that way as she is still ready to blame Ryan for systemic abuses beyond even Batwoman’s control.

Meanwhile, this week’s episode went a long way to solving some of the problems we’ve had with the series of late. For one: we’re glad to see Ryan and Sophie on the same page regarding Batwoman. And though they may be in conflict again next week, it is nice to see the chill between them thaw a little. On a similar front, we really enjoyed the scene with Ryan, Sophie, Luke, Mary (Nicole Kang) and Stephanie Brown (Morgan Kohan) getting to have a little fun before decoding the cipher. It’s the sort of hanging out team scenes this show has lacked for while and it’s wonderful to see it again. Also, it’s genuinely good to see Sophie in the Bat Team dynamic.

Also, while she might be the Stephanie Brown we know from the comics, Kohan’s version of her is someone we’d like to see on the show full time. Having three costumed characters — Ryan, Stephanie, and Kate (Wallis Day) — would allow the action to spread out among more characters. It is also a hallmark of these CW superheroes shows to give the title character some back-up by the third season. With Stephanie, we get that and a pretty cool romantic foil for Luke.

Oh, and we’re glad Alice (Rachel Skarsten) finally recognized Kate. We’re still puzzled why it took her so long to see her sister’s eyes, though.

Batwoman airs Sundays on The CW.

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