Your First Look At ‘Skybound X’ #1, Celebrating A Decade Of Skybound Comics

by Olly MacNamee

As previously reported on, Skybound X is to be a weekly comic book event and during last Friday’s Skybound Xpo, the character of Clementine (the star of the bestselling video game series Telltale’s The Walking Dead) was teased. And now you get to see her in this first look at the debut issue, along with three more covers. It’s a series that will include contributions by some of Skybound/Image’s shining stars such as Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley, Tillie Walden, Donny Cates, Joshua Williamson, Chip Zdarsky, James Harren, and Daniel Warren Johnson.

These new covers include the main cover to Skybound X #2 spotlighting “Rick Grimes 2000” by Cliff Rathburn; the main cover to Skybound X #4 by Charlie Adlard featuring the Rick Grimes vs Negan battle you never expected; and the Skybound X #5 variant by Chris Schweizer.

Furthermore, Image/Skybound are positioning this as a launching pad for future storylines kicking off the second decade of Skybound comics with each of the five-issue mini-series featuring a chapter of ‘Rick Grimes 2000,’ the unforgettable story originally introduced in The Walking Dead #75, that reunites the Invincible team of Kirkman and Ottley! Plus, the first appearances of Everyday Hero Machine Boy, Sea Serpent’s Heir and more in this celebration of hit series like Excellence, Manifest Destiny, Ultramega, Assassin Nation, and more!

Look out for Skybound X #1 on Wednesday 7th July.

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