Extended Preview: Dynamite Returns To The Heady ’90s In ‘Vampirella 1992’ One-Shot

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by Mike Krome (A)

Written by Max Bemis

Art by Marcos Ramos and Roberto Castro

Ah, the ‘90s, our strange yet dynamic link between the excess of the ‘80s and the pretensiousness of the aughts. A time when heroes were born, died and were reborn (again). Amidst all that creative chaos, the form of comics was torn between the muscle bound proliferation of All Things Pouch and the heady brew offered up by the British Comics Invasion.

Now, in the long-ago year of 1992, VAMPIRELLA finds herself a vampire trapped between not just two worlds but two genres! When a “bad girl model” hired to portray Vampy at conventions and signings is plunged into a terrorist incident, she’s forced to face not just men with nunchucks before her, but the insidious forces roiling beneath the surface of geek culture… and her own dark past.”

Vampirella 1992 One-Shot is out Wednesday 2nd June from Dynamite

Cover by Roberto Castro (B)
Dionna Cosplay Variant (C)

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