Preview: ‘The Last Annihilation’ Kicks Off In ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ #15

by Brendan M. Allen

Marvel has revealed a sneak peek at Al Ewing and Juan Frigeri’s next explosive issue of Guardians of the Galaxy, on sale June 23, 2021.

Marvel’s new age of space kicks it into high gear this summer in The Last Annihilation, a new crossover spinning out of Guardians of the Galaxy. Known for his long-term world building and big payoffs, writer Al Ewing continues to revolutionize Marvel’s cosmic landscape. All the pieces are now in place for a conflict that will shake the stars and test the very limits of the galaxy’s mightiest heroes.

The Last Annihilation will begin in July’s Guardians of the Galaxy #16 but the mastermind behind this latest threat has been kept under wraps. However, fans won’t have to wait long! After months of speculation, fans will finally learn the identity of the saga’s secret villain next month in Guardians of the Galaxy #15. 

The issue will deliver an ending no one will see coming and will also see two heavyweights from Ewing’s current titles collide. Both reeling from recent conflicts, the new Guardians of the Galaxy will come face to face with mutantkind’s new space agency, S.W.O.R.D.

Here’s a glimpse at the Guardians’ tense showdown with the master of magnetism, Magneto, in artwork by series artist Juan Frigeri.

Guardians of the Galaxy and S.W.O.R.D. have been building their own unique gravity for a while now, and in space, when two objects have gravity, there’s a pretty good chance they’ll crash into each other, or get sucked into the orbit of something even bigger,” Ewing said. “Marvel Space these days is a fragile coalition of worlds that chose peace over war, a little bubble of hope in a cruel void. But there’s an enemy nobody ever suspected, readying an attack that’ll either cement all those frail alliances or tear them to pieces.”

In recent issues, the Guardians of the Galaxy have increased their ranks like never before, recruiting powerhouses such as Wiccan, Hulkling, the original Quasar, and even Doctor Doom! But will they all be enough to withstand what’s to come?

Final Order Cut-off is this Monday, May 31st, so if you want a copy in your pull box, let your local shop know now.

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