Web Warrior 2099 Comes With A Warning In Latest ‘Marvel Realm of Champions’ Update

by Gary Catig

Following the arrival of Thor last month, Marvel Realm of Champions has some more exciting content coming in the newest update. In the latest chapter in the fight to rule Battleworld, a warning is sent from a future Web Warrior, who represents the Spider-Man faction. This 2099 Champion shares stories of the “dark path” everyone is walking on.

Also included in the update are:

New Spider-Guild equipment — including a Spider-Man 2099-themed gear set, and weapon variants for Drumloaded & Stark Tech Gatling.

New Kingdom of Wakanda equipment — including a weapon variant for the Jaguar Claws.

Learn more from the most recent update here.

Marvel Realm of Champions can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

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