E3 2021: The Live Reacts Continue With A Look At The Wholesome Games And Ubisoft Forward Presentations

by Sage Ashford

E3 finally began in full with the Ubisoft Forward presentation.  The show contained several of Ubisoft’s biggest games, including a new Rainbow Six title, as well as more information on Far Cry 6.  There were also new titles, including Riders Republic and the next Mario x Rabbids title.

Unfortunately, the Ubisoft Forward Pre-Show wasn’t quite as interesting as in years past, but it also gave us a chance to look at the Guerilla Collective’s Wholesome Direct, which contained a variety of games from genres varying from RPG to farming sims to visual novels.  Specific titles of note include Lake, a game set in 1986 where a woman leaves her programming job for two weeks and delivers mail in a small town while getting to know the people there, and We Are OFK, a story about an indie-pop band and their life trying to make it in Los Angeles.

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