Mark Millar Shares New Variant Cover For ‘Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem’ #1 By Ozgur Yildirim With 101 Comic Book References. Can You Spot Them All?

by Olly MacNamee

Mark Millar’s Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem #1 comes out this Wednesday June 16th (you can checked out a preview here) and to further promote this twelve issue series he’s been sharing the latest variant cover with fans on social media.

Illustrated by Ozgur Yildirim, Millar has hidden 101 comic superhero references into the one cover. I’ve spotted a few I’m certain of and some I’m not 100% sure about, but can you find any I’ve missed?

Here’s what I got (from top right clockwise):

On the bookshelf there’s references to Doctor Fate (Archeology by K. Nelson) Firestorm (Atomic Fusion by Prof. M. Stein) and Animal Man (Vegetarian Recipes by B Baker), a book by – possibly –  and two I can’t quite make out, with one sitting under Skyfox’s helmet. Can you?

Then, moving up and around, there’s two posters referencing Ant-Man and the Wasp, a cross-bow (with three different coloured arrows, could this reference more than one hero? Hawkeye, Green Arrow, Huntress? Anyone else?), a web with a camera caught in it (Spider-Man).

Moving down this shelf on the right of the cover we get a red, black and yellow pill-box (Plastic Man), Batman and The Outsiders’ member Katana’s sword, a cheeky chameleon with a Legionnaire’s flight-ring round it’s waist (Chameleon Boy), a phone with Robin’s trunks as a screensaver, an Ali B Disco mix-tape, or something like that (Dazzler), dog-tags with Howlett (Wolverine), Rogers (Captain America) and one other (?). There also seems to be a domed artefact (the bottled city of Kandor/Superman), as well as some kind of invitation to Brian Braddock (Captain Britain) next to the Bat-Phone (Batman ’66).

Also on the table I see Tony Stark’s Arc reactor (Iron Man), a tumbler with ice in it and ‘Bobby’ on the side (Ice Man), a green lantern (er… Green Lantern, right?) and a hawk (Hawkman) sitting atop it with a nightcrawler in its beak (y’know, everyone’s favourite fuzzy X-Men elf). Although, the mace under the table could be the real reference to Hawkman, and as I’m no expert the two birds sitting by Utopian could easily be other characters like Black Canary. Oh, and I just noticed a cuddly you seahorse that’s just got to be a reference to Aquaman.

Moving down onto the cluttered floor and to the left we get references to The Thing and Mr Fantastic (and a box of matches suggesting the Human Torch, maybe?) along with a box belong to Ray Palmer (The Atom), the Golden Age Starman’s cosmic rod, and floating, energised cards (Gambit). There’s the Eye of Agamotto (Doctor Strange), a domino (Domino) and a box of assorted toys which could suggesting Squirrel Girl and Blue Devil at least. along with Matt Murdoch’s cane (Daredevil) a clock and crown (Clock King) and behind that another box with Carol Danver’s Captain Marvel sign on it. Oh, and references in this bottom right-hand corner to the Spectre (Corrigan commemorative plaque), Watchmen (Rorschach test) and Alpha Flight ( a maple leaf framed picture). And, two yellow antenna just poking through too (Ambush Bug).

Finally, on the wall behind Utopian there’s a Solomon bust (SHAZAM) and a fraction of the periodic table that I reckon is referencing Metamorpho rather than Element Lad from the Legion of Superheroes, because of the previously mentioned flight ring. Or, is that blob on the right-hand shelf Metamorpho? Hmmm. That chess piece must surly reference DC Comic’s Checkmate, right?

Phew, that’s quite the list already. I know I’m missing some really obvious ones, but it is getting late her in the UK. All-in-all, I make that a solid 51 I’m absolute sure of with another 50 to find! Obviously not including the actual references to Jupiter’s Legacy, of course. Not bad for a quick look round, I reckon.

But, what did I miss and what can you see? Do let us know, won’t you?

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