Review: ‘Planet-Size X-Men’ #1 Reveals A Grand Master Plan

by Tony Thornley

(+++ WARNING: This review for Plant Sized X-Men #1 contains spoilers +++)

Almost two years ago, House of X #1 ended with the declaration “You have new gods now.” In Planet-Size X-Men #1we finally get to see exactly what that means.

The next phase of the grand plan of Krakoa begins here. It’s a grand statement about the future of the X-Men and all of mutantkind. It comes from Gerry Duggan, Pepe Larraz, Marte Gracia, and Clayton Cowles

The Hellfire Gala is winding to close. However, before it ends, there are fireworks planned. And what fireworks Magneto has planned- terraforming the planet once known as Mars. The Sol System has a new capitol world, and mutantkind welcomes the universe… to Planet Arakko.

This is an incredibly difficult issue to talk about. Now, one aspect of it is easy. The art is incredible. I have not seen a single story that Larraz and Gracia have done together that isn’t simply incredible. This issue is no exception.

The duo are able to capture a grand sense of scale from beginning to end, even in the quiet moments. The issue begins with Magneto, Hope and Vulcan creating a new molten core for Mars, with the grand scale that implies, and Larraz makes every moment like that feel significant, and grand. His best pages are the smaller moments though, like Cyclops and Captain America having a simple chat, or Hope and Quire reacting to the arrival of the mutant island.

However on the writing side it’s tough to pin down. Duggen creates a sense of awe and grandeur to be pure. But outside of that, it’s really just a checklist of what needs to happen to go from point A to Point B. A POV character would have grounded the story greatly and helps it feel relatable. Then in the final act of the story, Duggan hits the reader with multiple revelations one after another- setting up story points not just for the X-Men line but the entire Marvel universe.

It’s an issue that tells an epic story, and it’s grand, sweeping and awe-inspiring, even without a human touch. It does some great things, and could do more with just a few more pieces of the puzzle. In the end, it’s an exciting portent of the future even with its faults, with more exciting things to come next month in X-Men #22.

Planet-Size X-Men #1 is available now from Marvel Comics.


This highly anticipated issue is a sweeping epic that sets up hundreds of stories to come for the X-Men and the Marvel Universe as a whole. However, it’s missing a personal, human touch that could really push it into territory from good to great.

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