Bad Idea Go Out In Style With Viking Supernatural Drama ‘Oddin’s Eye’

by Olly MacNamee

If Bad Idea wants to go out with a bang then the final series it revealed last night most definitely suggest they will.

Oddin’s Eye will be a five issue weekly series running throughout December – the last month this publisher will be trading (well, under the name Bad Idea, at least). Written by Joshua Dysart with art by Tomas Giorello and colour art by Diego Rodriguez, the first issue drops on Wednesday December 1st at participating stores. And it looks amazing! From this preview alone I do hope we haven’t seen the last of Bad Idea and some of the comics they’ve released. It really would be a great shame that more readers couldn’t get their hands on the likes of this book.

“Solveig, a young farm girl of great promise, is haunted by visions from the god-king Odinn himself. In words she cannot understand, and images too violent for a child to comprehend, Odinn tasks Solveig with a brutal mission: retrieve his eye — the one he famously traded for wisdom — and bring it to him.

In the real world, the winter season has not left the land of Solveig’s people for several years. As crops fail and livestock perish, fear and panic grow. In their desperation to appease the gods and free the land of this never-ending winter, the tribe turns to the child whose visions are surely a sign from Odinn. A war party is assembled. Solveig and a band of warriors — including an all-seeing witch — are sent north on a great quest — one which will change all that she knows, all who she has known, and all that she will become.

An epic of incredible scope and vision from the minds of Joshua Dysart and Tomas Giorello. Told weekly in 5 parts this December.”

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