AfterShock Comics Announces New Queer Thriller Graphic Novel ‘Party & Prey’ Coming This Fall

by Olly MacNamee

Writers Steve Foxe and Steve Orlando with artist Alex Sanchez, colourist artist Juancho and letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou have an original graphic novel coming this fall from AfterShock Comics. Party & Prey is a “taboo-breaking queer thriller… packed with twists sharp enough to draw blood.” and out Wednesday October 9th:

“Alan is used to being ignored by younger guys, so he hardly believes his luck when lithe, handsome Scott makes a move on him in the crowded gay club. But there’s a wolf on the dance floor tonight, and he’s hungry for fresh prey…”

Cover: Alex Sanchez w/ Jose Villarrubia

As well as a first look, both writers fleshed out the graphic novel explaining a little bit more of the set up, But only a little bit more:

“It’s tough to talk about PARTY & PREY without giving away some key plot details you really shouldn’t know until you’re about 30 pages in, but we’ll do our best: this thriller is about an older gay man named Alan who meets a younger man named Scott at a nightclub and takes him home. The book wouldn’t be a horror-thriller if that summed it all up, though, and there’s much more to this hookup in the making than is immediately obvious… 

On a broader level, PARTY & PREY was a chance for the two of us as queer men to tell a grimy, taboo-testing horror story that centers LGBTQ+ men while also addressing the wolves in sheep’s clothing that exist within the community, as well as the way indifference and hate outside of the community can enable those wolves to run wild for far too long. We want to intrigue, we want to offer a wealth of representation, and also admit that we’ve got work to do within the community. When you’ve got a story full of queer folks of all kinds, no character has to be perfect, and that’s when we can get into the provocative storytelling that makes horror so great.”

Previously to Party & Prey Fixe and Orlando collaborated on Rainbow Road from AfterShock. On this new project, howevere, there were some differences in their join approach:

“It’s really a fun fluke of timing that PARTY & PREY comes out just a few months after RAINBOW BRIDGE, because it’d be difficult to find two more different books. While RAINBOW BRIDGE found us Steves channeling an emotionally honest fantasy/adventure story about a boy and his dog, everything stays firmly in the PG range. PARTY & PREY, on the other hand, is a hard R or maybe NC-17, and was a chance for us to explore the darker underbelly of a community we’re both very proud and grateful to be a part of, using some of our favorite horror/thriller storytelling tools. Loving something doesn’t mean ignoring when it’s got some issues to work on, and we’re playing that out in PARTY & PREY as a horror-thriller.”

Not done yet, both writers wanted would-be readers to consider what they hope they’ll get out of this new thriller:

“First and foremost, we hope readers are thrilled in the most literal sense—our goal is to get hearts and adrenaline pumping when the full dynamic between Alan and Scott becomes clear. And if it leaves readers thinking about the complicated reality of threats within marginalized communities—and who does or does not take action when those predators are revealed—all the better.” 

Now, about that preview…

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