‘We The People’ Is The ‘Schoolhouse Rock!’ For The 2020s

by Tito W. James

1973’s Schoolhouse Rock! was a series of animated musical shorts designed to teach children science, economics, history, and civics. Now, in 2021, Netflix premiered We The People — a series of ten animated music videos brings musicians and directors together to remix civics for a new generation. The series is produced by Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and Chris Nee (Doc McStuffins), and features episodes directed by Everett Downing Jr. (Hair Love), Jorge R. Gutiérrez (Maya and The Three), Peter Ramsey (Spider-Verse) and many others.

We The People covers many civics lessons that Americans (young and old) should know via vibrant and engaging animations. Trust me when I say that the series is worth watching for the animation quality alone. As we enter a new decade after many recent challenges, We The People reminds us that a brighter future is possible through active citizen engagement.

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