Neil Gaiman Announces Amazon ‘Anansi Boys’ Adaptation

by Erik Amaya

With American Gods in the television trash heap, a Anansi Boys TV adaptation makes its way to Amazon.

The news came via novel writer — and now executive producer — Neil Gaiman, who framed the announcement as the second half of a secret set of projects which includes the second season of Good Omens, also at Amazon. Joining him on this adventure are Hanelle M. Culpepper, Lenny Henry, Hilary Bevan Jones, and Richard Fee as executive producers. Good Omens 2 co-showrunner Douglas Mackinnon will also serve in the same capacity on Anansi Boys. Writers include Gaiman (for the first and last episodes), Henry, the writing duo of Kara Smith and Racheal Ofori, and Arvind Ethan David. Culpepper will direct the pilot with Jermain Julien and Azhur Saleem rounding out the directing staff.

Gaiman sounds positively thrilled by this turn of events.

The novel told the tale of twins separated and a young age who discover one another after the death of their father, the god Anansi — aka “Mr. Nancy” in American Gods. The two explore their newfound heritage and what it means to be children of a god.

Sadly, The Hollywood Reporter suggests Orlando Jones, who played Mr. Nancy on Starz’ adaptation of American Gods for two of its three season, will not appear as the title god. Jones’s time on the series was filled with tension and, well, everyone‘s time that show was filled with tension. Someday, someone will write a good book about what went wrong there.

In the meantime, Gaiman says the series has been cast with “thrilling” choices to be revealed soon.

Anansi Boys is set to go into production concurrently with the second season of Good Omens, which suggests both will be ready for a 2022 debut on Amazon.

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