Carol Gets Dirty In The Sewers Of Throneworld II In ‘Captain Marvel’ #31 Preview

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by: Marco Checchetto

Written by: Kelly Thompson
Art by: Takeshi Miyazawa

“VACATION, ALL I NEVER WANTED! Carol and Rhodey have rekindled their relationship (and their vacation plans!) just in time to get a distress call from Carol’s half sister — Lauri-ell, the Kree Accuser — that sends the couple on a detour into space, where they find themselves in need of far more than swimsuits. There is a gathering darkness in the galaxy…and it has Captain Marvel’s name all over it. Don’t miss the kickoff to another exhilarating fight fest for the Multiverse’s baddest boss of space!”

Captain Marvel #31 is out Wednesday 11th August from Marvel

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