Yuki 7 Brings Back ’60s Spy Adventures In Style

by Tito W. James

Whether dodging dino bikers in Hong Kong or hammerhead gangs on the high seas, Yuki 7 out-smarts and out-plans any baddie with her cutting edge gadgets, signature moves, and style. But WHO IS YUKI 7? Together with her trusted team – a rocket-powered turtle man and a talking cat – they unlock the mystery one mission at a time.

Yuki 7 is a character created by Kevin Dart inspired by the psychedelic spy adventures of the 60s. The Yuki’s adventures will be brought to life in a new three episode micro-series will be produced by studio Chromosphere with Elizabeth Ito (City of Ghosts) and Karen Dufilho (Epic Games).

Yuki 7 will launch onAugust 26th on the official YouTube channel.

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