Review: ‘Transformers Beast Wars’ #7 Continues A New Course

by Benjamin Hall


In the aftermath of the first battle a Maximal pod lands on the strange planet. Yet, will this Maximal remain true to their original programing?


Artist Winston Chan is very precise with the line work and choreography in IDW’s Transformers: Beast Wars #7. However, some of the motions are arguably less dynamic than some might prefer. Also colorist Sidvenblu only elevates the quality of Chan’s art when it comes to the characters. Meaning that the colors of the backgrounds are less solid and less appealing than the colors of the characters. Nevertheless the visuals are above standard quality and should appeal to many readers. Not to mention the art is a vast improvement over the art from the first six issues.

Transformers Beast Wars #7 (2021) Cover A art by Fico Ossio and colors by Luis Antonio Delgado

Letterer Jake M. Wood is seemingly changing up the font for dialogue. This is somewhat noticeable during a fight that occurs in this issue. It is also noticeable when one compares it to the panels the recap page displays. As far as positioning goes Wood does a good job with the dialogue, but not always with the sound effects. Speaking of the dialogue writer Erik Burnham seems to be doing slightly better with that part of characterization. Burnham also seems to understand where the story can change for adaption. However, Burnham has a few moments where characterization and plot are respectively inconsistent or lacking explanation.

Cover A is by artist Fico Ossio and colorist Luis Antonion Delgado. The design features a lot of dramatic elements. While the colors enhance the tension they also provide a believable suggestion of lighting to the foreground. Although it is high quality work there are some problems with proportions, especially when it comes to Dinobot. Also Blackarachnia’s spider legs clash too much with the trees.

Cover B is by artist Ed Pirrie. It contains two flaws. The first flaw is that the reflection of Megatron’s face does not match the position of his head. Megatron’s expression looking too cheesy is the second flaw. Whether this is the actual affect Pirrie is going for is unknown, but it does detract from the design. Otherwise this is a relatively decent cover.

Cover RI is by artist Gavin Guidry and colorist Leonardo Ito. While the proportions and facial expressions are great the overall design feels somewhat lazy. Finally the main color Ito uses in the palette is arguably a bit much.

Transformers Beast Wars #7 (2021) is out now from IDW.

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