‘Black Desert’ Gifts Players Free DLC For Second Anniversary

by Gary Catig

It was just a few weeks ago when Black Desert introduced their new Corsair class amongst other new features for the sandbox-oriented MMORPG. Now the game is announcing free downloadable content for its adventures on PlayStation and Xbox consoles to celebrate its second anniversary on the former.

The DLC is comprised of a variety of in-game items. One of the crown jewels of the package is the Treasurable Memories Classic Box where players can obtain a classic costume for their character as well as five Combat & Skill EXP 300%. The bonuses should help adventurers grow their characters quicker and the Advice of Valks and Mystical Artisan’s Memory Bundle items can help enhance equipment and gear. Additionally, Js special scroll increases item drop rate by 100% and can be stacked with other Item Collection Increase Scrolls.

There are also a host of in-game events and rewards and the special attendance awards are better than ever and include a Caphras Stone Bundle, Marine Romance Outfit Box, Blessing of Old Moon Pack. Special play-time challenges are rewarded with items such as Ancient Spirit Dust, High-Quality Draught Box, Golden Seal of Panto. These items can help a character to level faster and enrich the gameplay experience.

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